Get the best lighting possible during a video conference

Thursday, January 10 2013

Illumination is important for video conference participants, as attendees want to ensure that they can easily be seen. Setting up lamps and other light sources before a gathering is essential, especially for audience members participating in their first remote meeting.

Consider the following tips to get the best lighting possible when you use video conferencing software.

1. Place a light behind the camera - Participants can increase their visibility by setting up a light behind the camera. The lamp will be out of sight and participants' faces will shine bright so they can be clearly seen during the meeting.

2. Turn off background lights - While a few background lights can help audience members, too many can negatively impact participants. Use sufficient lighting that allows attendees to see your face, and experiment with different settings to determine the ideal amount for the conference.

3. Adjust the camera angle - Avoid positioning a camera so that it is angled directly toward lights. Instead, place the camera at eye level and make sure it is not tilted.