Give a truly personalized gift this holiday season

Wednesday, December 15 2010

What do you get for the person who has everything? How about a little more of you?

Video conferencing technology can be the perfect gift this holiday season, particularly for friends and family who are miles, oceans or even worlds apart.

The technology isn't just for business meetings anymore. Many consumers are giving video conferencing capabilities to their loved ones as a way to communicate face-to-face and save money by avoiding long-distance phone call charges.

Thanks to video conferencing, "we don't need to find the extra money to get plane tickets to see each other and even open gifts together," writes Rachel Clark, a contributor for Technorati, who has a sister living in Spain.

Elderly Care Services also suggests video conferencing technology as a wonderful gift that will help connect us with the seniors in our lives who are bound to a hospital bed or nursing home, during the holiday season and beyond.

"Imagine how much better it would be if you could video chat with the kids [who] are going through some Christmas traditions," explains the site. "Then grandma or grandpa could 'experience' it with them."

As the technology and software continue to advance, perhaps one day we'll be able to relay our wish lists via video conference directly to Santa himself?