Going green with conferencing

Monday, July 30 2012

One of the leading concerns of modern organizations is protecting the environment, but initiatives serving that end also benefit the company in terms of cost savings in the longrun. By eliminating costly paperwork, moving data to online storage and removing the need to commute regularly, businesses not only help cut back on their carbon footprints, they also save money in all these aspects.

The IEEE Communication Society recently announced its annual conference on business green initiatives, saying in Sys-Con Media that this event would be available as a web conference, thereby showing the organization practices what it preaches. Since the event will be held in an environmentally-friendly venue that not all companies were within easy access of, it made more sense for clients and organization alike to meet online instead.

"IEEE GreenCom'12 will enable attendees from all over the world to actively participate in scores of presentations on energy efficiency in an extremely-efficient environment," said Marco Ajmone Marsan, IEEE's general chair.

Organizations trying to increase green mindedness and save money should make an effort to attend, or otherwise look into similar web conferencing strategies for in-house use. Expanding the way companies can do business without spending more on travel or real estate can be a boon to both revenue and the environment.