Goodwin Center helping Holocaust survivors share their stories through video conferencing

Tuesday, April 12 2011

Holocaust survivors will share their stories with different schools in New Jersey with the help of video conferencing technology.

According to The Financial, Verizon's Access New Jersey Portal will provide the technology to the program established by the Goodwin Holocaust Museum and Education Center. The organization is hoping to educate kids about genocide.

Education director Helen Kirschbaum explained to the news outlet that video conferencing the event to schools all over the state not only educates the children, but is also very beneficial to the Holocaust survivors and the concentration camp liberators who want to tell their stories because they are already in their 80s and 90s.

"To ask them to go from school to school is very demanding, and it takes an emotional toll for them to tell their stories. This way, they don't have to repeat it five times," Kirschbaum adds.

The Goodwin Holocaust Museum and Education Center is using the power of video conferencing technology to spread awareness, including a discussion on Elie Wiesel, a famed author who told his story about his survival in a Nazi concentration camp.