Green video conferencing technology used for corporate accountability

Friday, June 10 2011

Most web conferencing applications facilitate the collaboration between two or more employees at the same company. However, it's not uncommon for separate companies to converse via teleconference. Now, a new law in India will require that video conferencing is used to communicate with shareholders.

According to MSN News, the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs is requiring all publicly traded companies to install video conferencing suites in their boardrooms. Using this technology, the companies will make the details of corporate planning available to all shareholders who wish to log on and participate.

This comes as part of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs' Green Initiative Campaign for Corporate Governance. Not only will companies more easily comply with Indian laws requiring open shareholder participation in corporate affairs, but money and energy savings will be significant.

As the world's largest democracy and a growing industrial giant, India has many lessons to offer other countries. While it's internal struggles with pollution control and poverty may differ from those of America and Europe, businesses in the western world can take inspiration from India and begin to save energy and resources by frequently engaging in video conferencing meetings.