Handle real-time questions during a webinar

Monday, February 4 2013

A webinar is a useful tool that delivers information to clients and employees, and presenters can even use the web meeting for question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions. Allowing participants to make queries about the gathering's displays enhances the learning experience and allows speakers to make future improvements to their webinar materials. 

However, hosting a Q&A session can be challenging if you are unprepared. Check out the following tips to get ready for the Q&A portion of your web meeting. 

1. Consider the time provided - An in-depth presentation could include a wide variety of charts, diagrams and graphs. Give attendees ample time to review these data sets so that they can develop questions. Additionally, encourage audience members to take notes and ask questions at the conclusion of a meeting to avoid interruptions. 

2. Speak directly to your audience - A web meeting may feature members of your staff, clients and peers - address these audience members as active participants. Deliver information in terms that are easy to understand to eliminate the risk of confusing an audience. 

3. Stay patient - Even if you complete a successful presentation, participants may still have questions. Don't shy away from queries - take the time necessary to respond to audience members' concerns and questions to ensure that the webinar provides valuable learning experiences to participants.