Harvard Law announces web conferencing for interviews

Tuesday, October 16 2012

Harvard Law School (HLS) is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. Students from all over the globe apply to attend the school every year, but some are hampered by their logistical inability to complete the interview process. Over the last six years, Harvard has allowed far-flung applicants to speak with a recruiter over the phone.

HLS has announced that it will implement web conferencing technology for future interviews. The school believes that these remote meetings give candidates better opportunities to present themselves to the admissions board.

Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer Jessica Soban said in a statement, "We expect that these face-to-face conversations will offer candidates a more personal and satisfying way to let the Admissions Office learn about their strengths."

With the new software, the university is also able to meet with a greater amount of prospective students each day. As long as applicants have webcams and microphones, the school will be able to speak to them directly and gauge how well the candidates present themselves.

Video conferencing will allow HLS to judge whether an interviewee meets its high standards. Over the phone, the school was unable to properly measure applicants' potential.