Health care leaders agree on importance of telehealth

Friday, April 8 2011

We all know that technology like video conferencing is revolutionizing the way people do business. From giant corporations to mid-sized businesses, this form of telecommunication has sped up decision-making and helped reduce overhead costs for these companies. At the same time, it is also changing the healthcare system, and healthcare leaders are agreeing on the importance of telehealth.

Princeton Survey Research Associates' Global Health Leaders Survey of 96 leaders from 16 countries showed that 65 percent support the use of telehealth systems. Video conferencing, as well as electronic sharing of patient information and other data, among others, would allow for a "significant, nationwide health transformation."

According to iHealthBeat, the findings in the study should encourage government branches from around the world to look into their current healthcare systems to see how the technology can help make processes more efficient for everyone's benefit. At the same time, the study should also instigate partnerships between the public branches and private corporations that may be of service when it comes to video conferencing and other telehealth technology.