Healthcare organizations offer outreach through webinars

Monday, January 30 2012

Some healthcare organizations are providing companies and customers with free information about how to understand plans and policies and apply them in the most effective way.

The department of education and outreach at AARP is planning to offer additional free live webinars following the success of its 2011 webinar series. The previous sessions covered topics, such as Demystifying the Health Care Law, Temporary Insurance for People with Pre-existing conditions and the ABCDs of Medicare.

Humana Healthcare is also hosting a webinar series on the In-Depth Analysis of Healthcare Issues for providers, in which it covers extended capabilities, benefits delivery and plan design trends. The series offers information on an array of topics from how to best meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce to using entertainment and technology to encourage healthy behaviors.

A webinar hosted by Maximus, a leading provider of government services worldwide, is offering  advice to healthcare agencies to start from the beginning and make plans and policies easier to understand. The "Design that Delivers" webinar will cover topics, including tips to improve readability, organize content, enhance navigation and communicate effectively through social media. Companies and customers that participate in healthcare can invest in video conferencing technology to join webinars that can give them valuable insight on healthcare issues.