Host a video conference with corporate officials

Friday, February 1 2013

Video conferencing tools can help employees deliver important materials to their supervisors. In fact, meetings with corporate officials can take place via video conference. 

Check out the following tips that presenters can use to get ready for a web meeting with corporate administrators. 

1. Know your audience - Learn about audience members in advance to determine the best approach to your presentation materials. Find out exactly who is attending to understand what information must be delivered during the meeting. 

2. Develop your displays - Supplement your video conference with charts, diagrams and graphs. These displays allow you to distinguish your presentation from ordinary, everyday gatherings. Additionally, be ready to address corporate officials' concerns or questions regarding specific data sets. 

3. Stay consistent - A video conference can be intimidating, especially if you are a first-time presenter speaking to your superiors. However, build your confidence by practicing in advance. Be clear and concise throughout your presentation and ensure that you provide audience members with plenty of time to make comments. With a consistent approach, you can make a positive impression on managers throughout the gathering.