How not to dress for a video conference

Monday, May 20 2013

As companies become increasingly reliant on video conferencing software, employees must understand how to dress when participating in digital meetings. Many participants work remotely and don't have to worry about following the office's dress code every day. As a result, some staff members don't understand what they should wear when they participate in video meetings with their colleagues and clients. An inappropriate outfit can be detrimental to a digital conference. 

While our clothes don't define us, they can give off the wrong impression when we're supposed to participate in a professional meeting. Avoid wearing the following outfits and accessories before joining a video conference.

Shoulderless shirts
Perhaps the most distracting garment you can wear is a shoulderless shirt or dress. Mother Nature Network points out that other attendees may wonder if you're wearing anything at all because your shoulders are bare. As a result, the conference will likely be derailed by your outfit.

If you're unsure that your shirt is visible on camera, it's best to err on the side of caution and choose another option. Alternatively, you can use your webcam to see if your top is visible before logging into a video conference.

A white shirt is almost a standard in office fashion. A plain top goes with almost any skirt or suit, making it easy for employees to dress themselves professionally before going into work. However, with video conferences, a white shirt is actually one of the worst garments that a staff member can wear.

According to the State University of New York, white is extremely bright during broadcasts. Other employees will likely be distracted or strain their eyes if you choose to wear white.

Casual clothes
One of the benefits of remote working is that you can wear a t-shirt and pair of jeans without worrying about what others think of your sense of style. You can even take the casual method a step further by staying in your pajamas all day. This is fine if you aren't in the office and don't have to see your co-workers all day, but you have to dress professionally for a video conference.

At the very least, you should wear a work-appropriate shirt so the other participants think that you're wearing a full outfit. Consider going the extra mile by wearing a suit to show your associates that you understand how to behave in a professional setting.