How to create a webinar slide deck

Friday, January 18 2013

Webinar presenters may wish to provide information about a wide variety of topics and can develop slide decks for their sessions. Speakers who consider the information that they want to display in advance can deliver effective presentations.

Check out the following tips to make a slide deck for your web meeting.

1. Evaluate the presentation - A webinar is a great opportunity to provide helpful details for clients or employees. Examine what materials could complement a web meeting's primary discussion points. Speakers who evaluate their presentations in advance can deliver a vast array of information to audience members.

2. Review the message - Develop a clear, concise message that highlights the main points of your presentation. A slide deck can include bullet points, charts or graphs that emphasize certain topics relating to a main theme. Ensure that slides correspond to the webinar's primary focus before the gathering.

3. Develop a consistent style - Format slides so they are easy to read. Attendees should be able to fully understand the details included in presentation materials, so try to avoid leaving gray areas that could cause confusion. Additionally, edit and proofread your slides in advance to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.