How to dress best for a video conference

Friday, November 1 2013
How to dress best for a video conference

Video conferencing software is a highly useful tool to conduct meetings, but there are some considerations one should take into account that they needn't in normal, in-person meetings. Most people are well-versed in how to dress professionally for the office, but a number of factors make the online experience better for some styles than others.

Read on for tips on how to make sure you look your best when the video conference starts.

The perspective
Most people will only be seeing you from, at most, the lower part of your chest upwards, so this is what area you need to focus on the most - you would probably be able to get away with wearing gym shorts, for instance, but that doesn't mean you should try it. The low resolution, low lighting lenses on laptops, iPads and other devices used for conferencing often makes certain methods of dress more optimal than others for online meetings, according to Corporate Fashionista.

The neckline
The neckline is the area that will gain the most attention, the source said, so it needs to give an appearance of competence and authority. For women, the likely two best ways to go ar?e with a v-neck mandarin collar or a round neckline. A mandarin collar will frame the face gently, not having too much fabric and keeping the focus upwards. A round neckline, meanwhile, would also be sure to keep fabric in the shot at all times, framing your face.

What to avoid
Sleeveless outfits can be suboptimal, according to the source. With your face showing a great deal of skin, tops that will have an additional bit near the center of the picture will not offer enough contrast to allow focus upward onto your face. In the same vein, a color that is not too bright to distract, but still light enough to naturally illuminate your face and offer a contrast in the low light camera frame is generally the best choice. Loud or busy prints, too, are probably to be avoided during remote meetings - they will be too busy for the frame.

Accessories such as dangling earrings and loud necklaces can often be a distraction as well, according to The Jane Dough. Simple accessories are fine, but anything that moves a great deal or sparkles will be taking the attention away from where you want it - on you.