How to effectively manage a webinar

Tuesday, January 22 2013

Like any meeting, a webinar has a beginning, middle and end. Audience members will receive plenty of information during the gathering, and it is often helpful for speakers to organize their ideas in advance to deliver a clear, concise presentation.

Check out the following tips to learn how to effectively manage a web meeting.

1. Run a practice session - A dry run of the webinar can help presenters understand the flow of the gathering. Host a practice session before the actual presentation and make changes to your materials if necessary.

2. Encourage participation throughout the meeting - During an online gathering, attendees can become actively involved if presenters use polls and surveys. Ask a wide variety of questions to ensure that participants are engaged in the webinar.

3. Have a clear ending - The conclusion to a web meeting can sometimes be difficult, but an easy-to-understand finish may help attendees fully recognize the gathering's value. Speakers can recap the webinar's major themes and respond to audience members' questions and concerns to effectively conclude the presentation. Additionally, moderators can provide attendees with contact information if they have follow-up queries after the gathering.