How to handle two video conferences in one day

Wednesday, February 6 2013

Video conferencing tools connect clients and workers, but online gatherings can pose some challenges to presenters. For example, a video conference speaker may need to prepare for two web meetings in one day, which could require a significant amount of time and resources. 

However, presenters can overcome the challenge of hosting two web meetings in less than 24 hours if they consider the following tips. 

1. Get organized - Prepare materials for both meetings, but avoid overlapping your resources. Focus on one video conference at a time and organize your materials accordingly. When you're done, place the information in a safe, accessible spot. 

2. Stay focused - Speakers could be required to speak to multiple audiences about different topics. Spend a sufficient amount of time getting ready for each video conference by practicing how you will deliver your materials and address attendees' queries. 

3. Develop a schedule - Give yourself plenty of time to set up for both video conferences. Ensure that all of your equipment is working properly and test the software in advance. Additionally, presenters can plan ahead by scheduling the meetings at different points in the day to avoid potential conflicts.