How to introduce presenters during a webinar

Friday, July 19 2013

Video conferencing technology allows companies to conduct webinars for employees and consumers. For staff members, these sessions are usually for training purposes, while customers usually listen to extended sales pitches.

Many webinars feature multiple speakers because they can help vary the content and ensure that the audience is paying attention. For instance, a panel discussion is usually more compelling than a lengthy speech read by a single presenter.

Of course, having multiple speakers also creates a new set of challenges. Chief among these obstacles is that every host needs to be introduced to the audience so that viewers know who is speaking.

According to the Houston Chronicle, you should introduce yourself first and then quickly acknowledge the rest of the panel. State each speaker's name and pertinent background information so that attendees know who the presenters are and why they've been invited to the webinar.

This is not the only time you should reference the other panel members. The news source explains that you should introduce each person before his or her portion of the presentation. This ensures that viewers won't be confused when new speakers take the floor.