How to pick a video conference moderator

Thursday, January 17 2013

Video conferencing software enables a wide variety of clients and employees to connect, but meetings can quickly become complicated if moderators are not in place. Thankfully, company officials can select representatives who can keep video meetings on track.

Consider the following tips to choose an effective video conference moderator.

1. Examine the meeting's purpose - Facilitators should be able to assist speakers and audience members when necessary. Rather than use a worker who needs to deliver information during a presentation, employ a moderator who can handle behind-the-scenes tasks such as adjusting the video camera when a presenter speaks.

2. Review a candidate's qualifications - Moderators are essential, as they can provide support for meeting participants. A candidate who has experience with video conferencing software can offer instant assistance to attendees and could be valuable for gatherings.

3. Define the moderator's role - Meeting attendees should fully understand how a video conference works and the moderator's relevance. Meanwhile, facilitators can introduce themselves at the start of meetings, address audience members' concerns and ensure that attendees recognize their importance to the sessions.