How to use visual aids properly during web conferences

Wednesday, January 30 2013

Web conferencing software allows presenters to include effective visual aids, but speakers must consider how the displays will affect their meetings. If moderators fail to use charts and graphs at the appropriate time, audience members may struggle to fully understand their relevance.

Check out the following tips to ensure that your visual aids hit the mark during a web meeting.  

1. Organize your materials - Every meeting has a purpose, so start organizing your data sets by considering the conference's main theme. Presenters who evaluate the gathering's purpose can determine the best order in which to deliver information.  

2. Ensure accuracy - Visual aids must include materials that are pertinent and easy to understand. Speakers should practice their presentations in advance to provide effective charts and graphs that will help audience members. Additionally, ensure that all of your data sets are accurate and be ready to answer questions from attendees about information included in displays. 

3. Highlight discussion points - Charts and graphs can improve the quality of a presentation, but try not to rely exclusively on these materials. Instead, speakers can highlight main bullet points from their displays and address audience members' queries after the meeting.