IT company adopts video conferencing solution

Thursday, April 14 2011

With 1,150 staff members around the world, IT company Oakton adopted video conferencing technology in many of its branches to reduce travel costs and improve communications.

Phil O'Brien, general manager for one of the Australian branches, mentioned to PC Advisor that the move was important, especially with the new office in Hyderbad in India, as well as with plans of opening in other locations across the globe. "We can have a team meeting in a virtual environment and everyone can see and hear each other and contribute," he added.

Besides an increase in team productivity, decision-making processes are also accelerated. O'Brien explained that instead of flying across the continent to visit a different branch, they can easily use the video conferencing system to make decisions right on the spot. At the same time, expenses accrued through traveling are also cut.

The move to go towards video conferencing solutions is only natural for an IT consulting company. Besides the technology, Oakton is also pursuing Cloud computing as it moves some of its internal operations onto the system, the news source explained.