Improvements in technology build trust between employers and employees

Monday, August 1 2011

Employers are looking for potential new hires based on talent rather than geographical location. Video conferencing equipment has improved communication between remote workers and employers, reducing past trust issues between the two. Today, employers are finding that remote workers offer service that is on par with, if not better than, that of in-house staff members.

Employers feel that the reduction of in-office stresses promotes a better work environment. Remote work members benefit from the added freedom of working from home. In a recent study conducted by oDesk, 55 percent of employers say they assign core or critical work to remote contractors. In addition, 87 percent of remote workers feel that they are an integral part of their employers staff.

The development of better methods to communicate between the two parties has played a vital role in making remote work staff members more trusted in the eye of an employer. Companies like MegaMeeting provide businesses with equipment to introduce video conferencing technologies within a company. Video conferencing allows companies to manage a remote work staff without being restrained by geographical boundaries.