Increased versatility with conference coordination

Tuesday, August 21 2012

There are times when a coworker or student can't make it to a meeting due to distance and expense. Other times they have reasons why they can't or don't want to be there. Security and safety are big issues, especially in the modern travel industry, so some are avoiding it completely, necessitating web conferencing.

The Olympics brought attention to these kinds of concerns recently, as authorities were forecasting security risks for those in and around the games. As it's such a high-value marketing event as well as an international sporting event, it isn't an occurrence most companies can afford to avoid outright, so using audio and video conferencing equipment kept corporations in touch with industries and advertisers in the U.K. rather than risk travelling there. The Inquirer pointed out these high-tech utilities still provide the same personal impact as being there in person, yet they preserve time, money and safety or workers.

Others are using video conferencing to enhance the safety of those they work with as well. Pulse It Magazine wrote that dentists are receiving high-tech training aps using these tools so that they can better perform with patients, reducing the pain and duration of the procedures while increasing prowess.