India's high court hears case through video conferencing technology

Wednesday, June 15 2011

The United States Supreme Court has yet to allow photographs or video cameras inside its chamber. However, it seems that another large, democratic country is paving the way for openness and efficiency by embracing emerging technology.

The Gauhati high court heard arguments this week for a writ petition, the Times of India reports. It was the first time in the history of India's judiciary system that the arguments were partially heard and delivered using web conferencing technology. Though this was not a formal court case in the normal sense, it may have set a precedent to be remembered.

According to a statement released by the registrar general of the high court, the petition was filed by Ackruti Security Plates Pvt. Ltd. and was directed against the state government of Tripura. During remarks, the court's chief justice and the petitioner from Ackruti were present in one video conferencing facility in Guwahati, while the representative from Tripura was at another teleconferencing center in Argatala As the distance between to two is over 500 miles, it's clear to see how savings in transportation is one of the main benefits of this type of technology.