Indian chief minister uses video conferencing for business culture meet

Thursday, April 21 2011

London recently held the Gujarat Success Business Culture Meet to discuss the current economic developments in the Indian region of Gujarat. Those who couldn't physically make it to the event were still able to collaborate virtually with the use of video conferencing technology.

According to the Daily News and Analysis, the chief minister for the state, Narendra Modi, addressed the conference that included more than 100 business leaders and members of the British Parliament through video conferencing. He explained that the current economic success of Gujarat can be attributed to the hard-working people of the state as well as a more transparent administration.

Modi added that besides the growth of the state's industrial sector, agriculture is also reaching new heights, with a growth rate of 9.6 percent over the last decade.

The chief minister's participation would not have been possible if not for the video conferencing technology that was made available for him as well as other Gujarat residents who may not have the capabilities to travel all the way to London for the conference.