Introduce video conference attendees

Thursday, February 28 2013

Video conference participants could be meeting each other for the first time, and it is important for moderators to introduce each attendee at the beginning of a session. Introductions help break the ice and enable attendees to fully understand each audience member's role in the gathering.

Check out the following tips to effectively introduce meeting participants when using video conferencing software. 

1. Verify participants before the session - Take roll call in advance to confirm who will be in attendance. Additionally, verify every audience member's title and ensure that the moderator knows how to pronounce each attendee's name correctly before the conference. 

2. Provide basic information - There is a reason why every participant was invited to a web meeting. Address each audience member by name and explain his or her role in the session during an introduction. 

3. Give audience members opportunities to speak - Attendees may prefer to introduce themselves in video conferences. Allocate extra time to the start of the session to ensure that every audience member is properly introduced and can sufficiently address his or her peers if necessary.