Law firm implements 'iLawyer' video conferencing system

Wednesday, September 29 2010

One innovative law firm in Colorado is using video conferencing to help clients secure legal representation.

The Law Firm of Robinson & Henry P.C. has opened the first of their iLawyer Video Conferencing Attorney offices in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The offices use video conferencing to allow clients to meet with attorneys from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to being able to see and hear the lawyers, the clients can also sign legally binding documents using the service and receive a copy of the signed documents via email.

The Highlands Ranch location is just one of 25 places scouted out to become iLawyer suites.

"We are frankly quite proud of the progress we have made in this video conferencing program," partner Mike Robinson said. "With iLawyer, we can place offices where our clients are, instead of requiring them to come to us. Since our firm's current emphasis is on federal specialty areas of law such as tax and bankruptcy, we can reach out to our clients and serve them all across the state. For more distant areas of Colorado such as Grand Junction and Durango, we anticipate that this newfound ability will bring us to clients who haven’t had access to the legal services we offer."

Video conferencing is popular with other aspects of the legal system, as well. Many counties have begun using video conferencing to allow prisoners to virtually appear for court dates, appeals and parole hearings.