Less businesses traveling next year

Monday, November 19 2012

As data connections continue to improve, there are fewer reasons for businesses to require that representatives travel for meetings. Video conferencing software is making it unnecessary for workers to take costly trips to meet with far-flung associates or clients.

New information from the U.S. Travel Association highlights just how severely remote meeting technology has reduced business travel. The association expects work-related trips to grow by less than one percent in 2013. Companies have sought to reduce expenses ever since the economic collapse and improved technology has made it possible for establishments to slash their travel budgets.

Instead of buying your employees plane tickets and booking hotel rooms, you can install video conferencing software for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, if you conduct a great deal of remote business, travel expenses can add up and ultimately hurt your bottom line.

Companies in every industry can benefit from using web conferences. Saving money is a key part doing business in today's economy and using computers for meetings instead of undertaking expensive trips is a sound financial decision every business should consider.