Live surgery broadcasted through web conferencing

Monday, March 14 2011

Using web conferencing as a tool for business is becoming more common, but how about using the technology to demonstrate surgery?

That's exactly what happened during the Coal India Medical Conference, as doctors in the Indian Institute of Coal Management in Kanke watched two live operations that happened in Hyderabad, a city in Andhra Pradesh, through web conferencing technology.

The demonstration, organized by the Central Coalfields Limited, involved operations on one patient with cancer and another surgery involving a total knee replacement. Besides the live demonstrations, the technology was also used for medical lectures on several topics including bone marrow transplant and advancements in ophthalmology, among others. The event can hopefully shed light on different surgical procedures, educating others and exposing them to operating techniques that they may be unaware of.

The event may sound unique but web conferencing technology is actually being used by many hospitals around the world to educate physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The OR Live website, for example, broadcasts a variety of surgical procedures online, from heart surgery to an upcoming video on total knee arthroplasty.