Long-distance real estateLong-distance real estate

Wednesday, June 6 2012

Imagine checking out the kitchen of a potential home, taking a tour of its master bedroom or exploring the nooks and crannies of the basement - all without leaving your couch. As more people conduct their search for a new home over a great distance, some real estate agents are employing video conferencing as a way to establish connections with dispersed clients and even give them tours.

For many people preparing for a long distance move, looking at properties and connecting with a real estate agent can produce anxiety. Feeling confident that they are receiving adequate attention and being shown the best properties is difficult from hundreds or thousands of miles away. With the advent of online conferencing, however, clients can now rest a little more easily.

As opposed to traditional written or audio-only communications, online conferencing can allow these long-distance clients to feel like they are having their opinions heard and demands met by their agents.

The virtual tour is another increasingly popular method for long-range realty. Making a decision on a home is a complicated process and having as much information available as possible is integral to feeling comfortable in a decision. Tours provided through video conferencing allow clients to experience a property on an intimate level - even if they are thousands of miles away.