Make your business green and profitable with video conferencing

Monday, March 12 2012

To own and operate a profitable business today there are many factors that must be taken into account that previous generations were unaware of. Of course, the main desire of any company is to cut expenses and increase profits, but more corporations are also pushing for an environmentally friendly workplace initiative. A recent survey conducted by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reveals that video conferencing software has the ability to achieve all of these goals effectively.

A primary advantage to Implementing web conferencing software in a company's business model is the elimination of unnecessary travel. This has an incredibly far-reaching effect that positively impacts all areas of the corporation.

Microsoft notes that video conferencing helps with reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity and the ability to increase the availability and efficiency of your workforce. More employees are able to work remotely from within the office, allowing your workers to accomplish their many responsibilities within your business while still participating in conferences and meetings that would typically require a business trip.

Cutting down on expenses used for travel may also enable the money allocated for those expenses to be reinvested elsewhere in the company such as advertising or sales, which may help to keep the budget balanced, healthy and fresh.

According to the study released by the CDP, if this technology was implemented now, U.S. companies could cut business expenses by nearly $15 billion over the next decade. If internet conferencing software was integrated globally, businesses with annual revenues of more than $1 billion may see fiscal growth and profits of almost $19 billion by 2020.

However, many of the benefits to using this technology goes far beyond profit margins. Video conferencing is incredibly energy efficient by reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Telepresence can reduce and eliminate millions of metric tons of CO2, according to the CDP study. If a single business utilized only four conferencing rooms, that company could possibly reduce its CO2 emissions by 2,271 metric tons over the course of five years, which is the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions from just over 400 automobiles in a single year.

Internet conferencing software has both immediate and long-term benefits that focus on sustainability and economic progress. Companies that make best use of this technology may see profits increase and waste emissions cut dramatically.