Master the mandolin with video conferencing

Wednesday, February 29 2012

For those who have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument but have never had the time, video conferencing can offer an innovative solution. The technology that was once used only in office board rooms has emerged as a way to easily connect people across any distance. It can even help people find music teachers who teach less common instruments like the mandolin or bagpipes. 

Music teachers have found that video conferencing services work well for lessons. Whether a student lives too far away to commute for face-to-face meetings or simply prefers to learn from the comfort of home, they can attend live classes in real-time when they use the technology.

Kathy Parsons, a piano teacher who relocated from the San Francisco Bay-area to Florence, Oregon, was able to retain a number of students following her move, and has even attracted some new ones through her distance-learning web conferences, according to MusicTeachers Helper.

Parsons explained that she has students position the cameras so she can see everything, from their hand positions to their posture, when they're playing, the source reports. Since the videos are streamed with such high quality, Parsons said she can clearly hear what students play and see what they are doing.