MegaMeeting can allow community members to participate in meetings from remote locations

Tuesday, September 13 2011

County meetings have always been open to the public, but attracting citizens to participate in them can sometimes be difficult. While in many cases the elected officials have citizens' approval and don't need oversight, hearing personal testimonies from individuals can help form a policy or bill that truly benefits the public.

In order to improve participation in community meetings, many towns across the country have utilized video conferencing software. Allowing individuals to speak during presentations from the comfort of their homes can help a greater number of voices to be heard, which improves the decision-making process.

MegaMeeting can help bring communities together by providing county officials with the proper software to stream meetings online. The technology is software based and does not require the public to acquire special programs in order to participate. The high quality video streams are easily accessed online and have been used to connect people from remote locations. Therefore, community members who have restricted mobility or are away for a few days can still remain active in the decision-making process without having to worry about transportation.