MegaMeeting can help ill students receive an education

Thursday, September 22 2011

Serious illnesses, such as mononucleosis or strep throat, can keep students out of classes for weeks or months at a time. While wellness is a top priority, being unable to receive the proper education can prevent a student from graduating on time. It may seem like only a few extra months in school, but with student loans rising, some individuals cannot afford to delay the process any longer.

Companies such as MegaMeeting offer students who are unable to attend classes on a daily basis with the option to receive a proper education from their home. The video conference software can be installed on any personal computer, allowing an individual to link to a streaming broadcast the classroom. A student not only would be able to listen in on lectures, but with MegaMeeting's software, they could also participate by asking questions and raising their hand to be called upon.

Video conferencing helps to connect students to the classroom. Education is an important asset in our culture, and discovering new ways to offer it benefits the country's future. After all - those in school today could be our world leaders tomorrow.