MegaMeeting can help to meet deadlines

Wednesday, September 28 2011

A journalist is sitting at his desk looking nervous. A deadline is approaching and he's missing a major part of his investigative report. The individual he was supposed to interview for the piece never showed up for their meeting, and months of hard work suddenly look to be going down the drain. Suddenly, he gets a text from the person - they want to speak in person. However, the destination is across the city and time won't allow for travel and discussion.

The journalist remembers that the office at which he works just installed video conferencing software. The two of them can connect through high quality video streaming software provided by MegaMeeting. Not only did the journalist complete and submit his piece on time, but he was able to add some descriptive touches to the article due to the non-verbal cues he noticed during his discussion with the interviewee.

Video conferencing technology can give companies and individuals access to a higher level of communication. It can also facilitate interaction among coworkers, clients and interviewees no matter where they're located. It improves efficiency and lowers travel costs. MegaMeeting can help a business of any size improve its staff's availability, thus making an organization seem more innovative in the eyes of its clients.