MegaMeeting helps add new perspectives to the classroom

Friday, September 9 2011

Video conferencing may not completely revise the education system, but it will significantly impact the learning tools used in the classroom.

Depending on the program, students will be able to attend classes via video conference and even be instructed by professionals from all over the world. For aspiring doctors, being able to speak directly to the industry's leading surgeons is beneficial. This not only allows them to learn from the best about procedures and medicines, but it gives them a glimpse of the actual work that doctors do.

MegaMeeting is a leader in providing organizations with high quality video conferencing software. Unlike many providers that require the use of heavy equipment, MegaMeeting's software is easily installed on any computer and only requires an inexpensive webcam to begin speaking with people wherever they may be located.

Colleges are embracing the technology as a way to improve the education received by students. Class lectures that involve established industry experts can round out a class and give different angles on methodologies and practices. Students have already been exposed to video conferencing for personal use, therefore, integrating it into the classroom will be a smooth transition.