Mobile phones and video conferencing both improve communication

Tuesday, November 8 2011

These days, everyone has a smartphone. Whether for business or personal use, these devices come with a variety of capabilities. Some of the most innovative technological additions improve the way we all communicate. In television ads and the streets we walk on, it is common to see individuals speaking to others face-to-face using their cellular devices. Video conferencing has changed the way we exchange information, and for the better - we are now able to visually engage with others over the phone.

MegaMeeting provides businesses and consumers with video conferencing capabilities on a 100 percent browser-based platform. Recently, they've released a mobile application that allows users to communicate through the phone using the installed webcams.

The technology is easy-to-use and simple to incorporate into daily business practices. When used appropriately, video conferencing can replace business travel, meetings and ineffective phone conversations. There is no need to allow confusing and outdated communication methods to affect the way a company operates. Video conferencing technology can solve problems with a click of a mouse and a steady internet connect, in only a few minutes.