Mobile workforce managers can benefit from non-traditional communications like videoconferencing

Friday, April 1 2011

Most business owners may still be unprepared for the evolving work environment. As the mobile workforce slowly becomes more acceptable, companies are still trying to find better ways to communicate with employees that work remotely.

These tech-savvy workers, with their laptops and smartphones, are likely to use non-traditional forms of communication. For managers to keep up, they too need to understand how their staff members connect. This is why integrating IM conversations and videoconferencing technology into everyday employee interaction is a tactic that supervisors might want to look into.

As informal as it may be, instant messaging is a very effective tool for those who may have quick inquiries that require one-word or one-phrase answers.

At the same time, videoconferencing has become much more efficient over the years, and a face-to-face conversation no longer has to involve anyone traveling long distances. Supervisors can schedule weekly videoconferencing sessions with their remote employees for overviews on current tasks and responsibilities.