More teachers learning how to videoconference

Monday, February 28 2011

With students knowing more about the latest gadgets than their teachers, schools are making an effort to teach their educators about technology that can be used in the classrooms.

Teachers in South Carolina recently took part in the Lexington County Technology Instructional Fair, learning basic computer skills that they can take advantage of, according to Fox News. Programs like digital whiteboards, video streaming sites and video conferencing can be used in class to further students' interests. Natalie Smith, who spearheads the movement to provide educators with the necessary technological skills, told the news report that “if [teachers] can spark interest in a subject through technology, students will be more willing to stretch their brains and try new things.”

Technology such as videoconferencing, Smith mentions, can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance education. Music lessons, for example, can be done remotely for students who may not be able to attend physical classes due to unforeseen reasons.

The training comes after a report from Walden University, which found that only 22 percent of surveyed educators considered themselves frequent users of technology.