NASA holds video conference with students

Friday, May 6 2011

In celebration of Earth Day, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, hosted a web chat conference with students all over the country.

Elementary school science classes submitted questions in advance to earn the right to speak face to face with one of JPL's scientists. This particular video conference was conducted with Dr. Annmarie Geldering, who studies clouds and other particles in Earth's atmosphere. She is currently working on Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, a satellite planned to launch this year, which will collect data about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This web conferencing event is part of a series NASA often conducts to encourage students to take an interest in science and to actually meet scientists working in a variety of fields. The Earth Day event held this year was part of NASA's commitment to raise awareness of global warming.

Classes that were unable to ask questions were nonetheless able to watch the video conference in progress and learn about aerosols and other items that exist in Earth's stratosphere.

Past chat events like this one have included web conferences with seismic scientists on the topic of earthquakes and climatologists discussing glaciers and melting icecaps.