New York to use stimulus money for video conferencing

Tuesday, September 21 2010

The state of New York has been awarded $20 million in stimulus funding - and some of it will be going toward installing video conferencing equipment in classrooms for the learning disabled.

The generous stimulus package is intended to fund broadband solutions for the state. Governor David Paterson announced that New York City intends to use the majority of the money to improve public computing centers in the city and to help at-risk youth develop computer skills that could be useful in future education and careers.

Additional money going to Wildwood Programs, a nonprofit group offering educational programs for people with learning disabilities, autism or neurological impairment, will be used to upgrade broadband services and deploy video conferencing technology at 75 facilities in upstate New York. The upstate project will focus on human service organizations like the Wildwood Programs that serve people with disabilities.

Wildwood Programs will be receiving an $845,000 grant, with an additional $259,000 in matching contributions.