New technology leaves more time to answer customer calls

Wednesday, November 17 2010

Wakefield and District Housing, a single housing stock transfer organization, is turning to new technology to make their business more efficient.

They have introduced video conferencing to their operations, allowing workers from the company's 24-hour customer contact service to work from home. This move has WDH's carbon footprint as employees commute less to the office and other meetings, creating a more efficient workforce.

The customer service line handles thousands of calls each week, reports Call Center Help. Currently, WDH has 12 employees who work from home thanks to the video conferencing capabilities. Manager Allison Jewitt said that this allows them more time to be available to answer customer calls, especially on days that require company meetings.

"To bring them in for a weekly meeting would normally take a whole morning or afternoon out of their day, but this way, they can work right up until the start of the meeting and be back working immediately after," she said.

Home workers join meetings via a live web link. They can see and hear everything going on in the meeting room, and those in the office will be able to see and hear the workers from home on a split screen plasma television.