New web conferencing tool cuts hours out of a commute for $10

Tuesday, May 4 2010

In the landscaping business, it's necessary for upper-level executives to do the final walk-through - usually a 10-minute process. Yet, Chip Galloway, the owner of C&C Landscaping, explained to CNN Money that the commute to visit different sites is usually 45 minutes each way.

Then, Galloway discovered some premier video conferencing software that made his work a lot quicker. CNN Money reports that a web conferencing tool allows Galloway's employees to send him multimedia email messages. Project managers can use the web conferencing solutions to snap shots of their work and send them to easily get their boss' input.

Galloway told the source, "It saves me a ton of time. I can be at more than one place at once and keep the professionalism." Plus, he says he has used web conferencing technology to send project plans to clients for them to open at their leisure. "They are usually blown away."

Other business owners may be interested in using cost-effective web conferencing technology to save time and money for their projects. For instance, MegaMeeting offers conferencing plans for just a little more than $500 a year.