New webcams can ensure better web and video conferencing experience

Tuesday, August 31 2010

Heavily pixelated images, freezing faces and arms and static-y sound quality used to be just another part of video conferencing.

However, businesses that are increasingly relying on video conferencing technology to reduce their dependence on travel are demanding high-quality video conferencing that more accurately approximates face-to-face interaction. As a result, the technology has been improving rapidly - and now, with the right camera, you no longer have to tolerate pixelated video conferences.

Recently, the Washington Post compared several webcamera models from retailers including Logitech, Genius, FaceVision and Microsoft, evaluating their video capture quality, adjustment settings, sound capture quality and overall video-chatting performance with different chat clients.

All of the webcams the Post tested can capture video at 720p, while one - a Logitech model - can capture video in 1080p. Additionally, most of the webcams will work with a variety of chat clients, but to ensure a smooth experience, webcam users should also update their computer systems to the latest software.

Switching to a new, updated webcam is one way that businesses and individuals can get the most out of their video conferencing experience. Between most modern webcam models, the deciding factor is simply personal preference.ADNFCR-3295-ID-19933754-ADNFCR