Online business practices promote an eco-friendly reputation

Friday, July 29 2011

Companies are slowly switching over to cloud computing as a way to lower operational costs and promote a green reputation in the office. It may seem outlandish to suggest that intangible technologies are promoting more eco-friendly practices in the office, but with more and more companies switching to cloud computing, many traditional work practices are becoming obsolete.

From a resource-efficiency perspective, cloud computing requires less equipment to run concurrent operating systems and workloads in the office, which reduces excess data space, storage and the eventual e-waste footprint, according to

Additionally to positively impacting the environment, using less energy saves a business money. Businesses are also utilizing video conferencing equipment provided by companies like MegaMeeting to reduce travel costs normally spent to meet face-to-face with clients and coworkers. Furthermore, video conferencing systems reduce toxic chemicals emitted into the atmosphere whenever one travels.

MegaMeeting provides many companies with the opportunity to reduce travel costs, as well as promote a green reputation within the business world. Having an eco-friendly outlook is influential in opening doors to new business agreements and can encourage a more interactive relationship with consumers who respect companies that are looking out for our planet.