Online meeting tools keep more people in business

Monday, July 23 2012

There are many companies that use audio and video conferencing tools to assist with collaboration between offices, but in some cases, there is an even greater need for these utilities.

Due to the tough economic climate, some businesses are threatened with closure if they can't find a way to cut costs drastically, including removing physical offices altogether. That's the case with the court system in Fresno County, California. The County Courthouse is closing down one of its locations and is working on other ways to reduce transportation costs by instituting video conferencing tools.

The Wood County Circuit Court, which will be closed completely, is shifting its current employees to other existing buildings without changing their job duties. As not everyone will be able to meet physically on a regular basis, video conferencing will let them keep in touch with the frequency and ease necessary to keep the county's court system functioning.

Because the state is suffering greatly due to lack of a balanced budget and there aren't enough judges to go around, Wood County didn't have the staff to warrant keeping the building open. Now this local courthouse, as well as statewide courtrooms, can have access to a judge without anyone having to travel between facilities. This will also keep police and prisoners safer, as it reduces transfers and travel time.