Only some video conferencing platforms allow you to invite all your friends

Wednesday, October 12 2011

Video conferencing technology is everywhere. It's even in the palm of our hands now that it's become standard on many smartphone devices. Additionally, its on our computers, whether these devices come pre-installed or by using an add-on web camera. As more companies incorporate the technology into their services, the market will shift toward the best provider. In many cases, that is determined by the quality of the video stream and how many people can access a feed at once.

Video conferencing speeds up communication between clients, coworkers and employers. However, when only two people can speak to each other at one time, the process slows down. In order for the technology to truly be an innovative solution to communication woes, it would need to host more than a few individuals in one conference.

MegaMeeting can provide just that. Their 100 percent browser-based video conferencing software allows up to 16 professionals to join in on a discussion at one time. For large corporations that need to hold conferences with many different influential people, it is important to have a way for everyone to remain connected. MegaMeeting offers that service to its customers at an affordable price.