Pace yourself during a webinar

Friday, December 21 2012

A web meeting is an informative tool, especially for presenters who must deliver valuable information. However, webinar participants could struggle if speakers fail to effectively deliver messages.

Pacing is a problem for some webinar speakers, so consider the following tips to avoid this issue.

1. Practice in advance - Review the information that needs to be provided to web meeting participants and develop a plan. Practice the presentation to evaluate its effectiveness and make changes if necessary.

2. Create an easy-to-understand outline - Each web meeting should include a beginning, middle and end. It is sometimes helpful for speakers to start at the end and work backwards to develop their presentations. Consider the purpose of the webinar to fully understand the value of the web meeting, then create an outline to make it easier for participants to get involved during the presentation.

3. Stay on track - Many webinars have time limitations, and presenters should keep these constraints in mind when they develop their materials. Avoid rushing through content by setting priorities. Deliver the most-important materials first and allow attendees to ask questions periodically. Additionally, speakers can address participants' queries after a webinar.