Panama City residents hold video conference with travel writers

Friday, February 11 2011

Residents of Panama City Beach in Florida are using a unique new strategy to encourage travel writers and columnists to visit their beautiful beaches - video conferencing technology. Citizens of the beautiful South Florida city will use video cameras and internet connectivity to connect to writers in chilly New York.

Wearing flip-flops and t-shirts on the beach, with nary a glove or hat to be found, Panama City residents held up signs spelling out the name of their town, teasing freezing New Yorkers with their warm and sunny weather. Video conferencing adds a new layer to the campaign, allowing the journalists and travel writers to see just how beautiful and breeze Panama City beaches really are.

Tammala Spencer, an official with the Bay County Tourist Development Council, helped organize the video conference.

"We hope it will encourage the travel writers to come down here and write about our beautiful beaches," she explained to the Panama City News-Herald. "We want everyone to know that our beaches are beautiful, and our beaches are clean."

While New York has had one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record, Panama City has enjoyed temperatures stretching into the 60s recently.