Poetry slam organizer partners with video equipment provider

Wednesday, February 9 2011

IVCi, a producer of video conferencing equipment, has announced plans to join forces with Global Writes to connect participants in the 2011 Bronx Poetry Slam.

Global Writes, a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy, collaboration and communication between young people, will use the technology to connect budding writers and artists with one another via a secure, easy-to-use video conferencing system. Traditionally, a poetry slam is both a visual and aural experience, as participants read a poem connected to gestures, movements and phonetics - not unlike a stage performance.

"Global Writes focuses exclusively on promoting communication and literacy among students and the integration of technology is always a key component," said Maria Fico, co-president of Global Writes. "IVCi has been a great partner in helping realize the poetry slam every year and their generous donation of video bridging time is what makes the competition possible."

IVCi's CEO, Robert Swing, added that the work Global Writes does is "remarkable," and said: "This is truly what the technology is all about, empowering communication and expression in new and exciting ways."

The 2011 competition will be Global Writes' 15th annual poetry slam. It also holds events in Chicago, Illinois and Newark, New Jersey.