Post-op patients use video conferencing technology

Friday, January 6 2012

New technology could mean that the number of days people are required to stay at a hospital for observation could shrink. In a recent pilot program at the Children's Hospital Boston, doctors monitored post-operative patients using video conferencing technology after they were sent home. Doctors release patients under the care of a robot containing video conferencing capabilities. They are able to check up on patients periodically and communicate with parents and caregivers.

As video conferencing technology becomes less expensive and more refined, doctors are exploring tele-medicine as a way to improve post surgery care. It allows patients to recover at home and decreases the cost of hospital stays. Patients can save money and time on return visits to the hospital because doctors are able to monitor them at home

"Seeing what the patients are doing right and wrong at home is really valuable information ... it allows the patient to remain at home and still get the care that they need." Dr. Hiep Nguyen told ABC News in an interview.

Doctors can save time making rounds, which may benefit patients and their families. This innovative program could be the future for healthcare as tele-medicine becomes an easy, efficient and less expensive option for doctors and patients.