President Obama will use video conferencing to participate in caucus night

Monday, December 19 2011

According to a report by Quad-City Times, President Obama will appear via online conferencing at various Republican-supported caucus sites on January 3, 2012. The specific locations have not yet been revealed, but Obama will use online meetings and calling-in methods to contribute to the opposing party's discussion.

This method of averting some of the attention away from the opposing side is not uncommon in past president's history - Vice President Al Gore and former president Bush both participated in caucuses during their administrations - but the use of video conferencing may not have been as prevalent in past years.

The advanced technology has been implemented in all kinds of industries, including political, news media, corporate business and more. Political figures, such as Obama, are able to make more of an impact to the audience they are trying to reach by incorporating visual interaction in their speeches.

Even the slightest influential change can alter the results of a political election, and every appearance, speech or statement counts, particularly for a politician who represents a nation during difficult times. A political figure could potentially gain more followers by actively participating in public discussions via video conferencing.